As a director of programming for children with learning challenges, I often refer families to Michaela for occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. Michaela has all of the qualities I look for in a therapy provider. She is professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and treats her young clients with respect. Furthermore, as a parent of a child who experiences many sensory and behavioral challenges, I can honestly say that Michaela is one of the best providers my family has had the privilege of working with. The results we have experienced since my daughter began treatment with Michaela, four months ago, have been thrilling to all of us. My daughter loves working with her, my husband is amazed by her knowledge and intuition, and I am simply ecstatic to have my six-year-old now able to sit quietly with me for cuddles and conversation!

Gloria Ellis, M.A.
Educational Therapist and Parent of a child with Autism

After seeing three different OTs for my 3 year-old son, I finally found a knowledgable, creative, and personable OT. Michaela puts her expertise to good use by problem-solving to help our son with his sensory and fine motor needs. What makes Michaela different from other OTs is her ability to work with and educate parents about their child’s needs. Because of Michaela’s expert advice, I’ve learned proactive strategies to keep my son healthy, happy, and safe in our home and in the community. It’s made such a difference in our lives!

Edlyn Vallejo Peña, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Higher Education Leadership
California Lutheran University

There are no words to describe the importance of Michaela Gordon, OT to our family. My son was diagnosed with ADD in November of 2010, and for this entire year of 2011, Michaela has been an integral part of his rehabilitation. He has become mentally organized. His grades are much improved. He listens to and follows directions of both his teacher and parents. He can write sentences and paragraphs easily now, a task which would take hours previously. I highly recommend her!

Bob and Dianna Burdick
Ventura, CA

My nephew has been working with Michaela for over a year now. When he started he couldn’t do one jumping jack or catch a ball, now he does 10 jumping jacks in a row and is able to catch a ball!! These are just a couple examples. He has made tremendous progress, and is more confident in his abilities. Michaela is always upbeat and positive, very good at what she does. We feel our nephew has a bright future, thanks in part to Michaela.

Toni Dart  and Tina Rowe

Ventura, CA

My daughter has sensory modulation disorder and she has a multitude of minor sensory issues but with the accumulation of all these things, it was a difficult task to find the right occupational therapist who offered this type of service and skill. Sure enough, Michaela has a program for each and every one of those issues- from fine motor skills, emotional behavior, vestibular, to picky eating issues and also a listening program that helped tremendously. I truly felt that I found the right therapist when I used Michaela Gordon’s services because she knew exactly what daughter needed and when she needed a program. There’s no one like Michaela in this area that offers as many solid programs as she does. For us, it was the best thing because we didn’t have to go to several specialists when she was the answer to all of our sensory issues needs.

Mary K.
Thousand Oaks, Ca.

Michaela is not your average OT, she thinks out of the box and gives families a clear direction to take their children to the next level. Her background in sensory integration is exceptional and she attends conferences to improve her skills often. You will always be greeted by Michaela’s sunny disposition and she will give you feedback with a positive outlook and hope for the future: a special skill that’s often missing in the special needs community!

Heather Logan
Mom to Ruby age 6 (Autism)

On a summer afternoon, armed with a board, an enormous rubber ball and a contagious smile Michaela knocked on our door. A friend of mine recommended her as the right person to help our eleven years old son who was at that time losing his interest in school, especially hating anything which would involve reading and writing. Frustrated by a passive attitude of my son’s school, I decided to give Michaela a try, not quite believing that she would be able to help my son. Little did we know that Michaela not only was the right person for the job but she also to become our trusted friend and ally! My son, reluctant at the beginning, grew to like and respect her. Personally, I found her advice and guidance extremely valuable and helpful. She was always on time, prepared, focused, extremely patient, and ready to answer our questions. As a result of her hard work, our son’s school performance improved dramatically, so did his self-confidence and social skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michaela to anybody looking for help for his or her child. There are many good occupational therapists out there, but if you are looking for somebody you could actually develop a working relationship with, Michaela is the one.

Kasia Lisowska

Ventura, CA